May 2, 2019

Your website is your company's face

A website can be seen as a digital business card - just with more options.

In 2019, all companies should have a website up. It is one of the best ways to get more customers. Your website is the face of your company. It is your own website that potential customers are introduced to when they search for you or your business in Google.

That's why it's about building a good platform that provides the right information, that can convince visitors to become customers.

Optimize your company's digital presence

There are several things you can do to increase your digital visibility and presence. But one of the most basic things is to have a good website ready. And this is where it all starts.

On your website you are the master of what you want to tell. Of course, it is obvious (and necessary) to provide the most common contact information such as address, telephone number and mail. But in addition, you can go in-depth to tell about the company's services.

You can also include opinions from past customers and much more. It is entirely up to you, and it is a huge advantage that you have a platform where you yourself control how your business is described.

Hopefully you hit Google first place for your own business name and for some of your most important keywords. You can also get Google My Business set up in the searches, so there's even more digital presence.

If you have a visible website in place, your customers will always be able to contact you. And you will have good chances of getting even more customers for the business! It really only requires that your website is attractive and functional. Besides the platform itself, good descriptions and beautiful pictures are also important.

A must for self-employed

As mentioned, all companies should have a website. This is a really good way to more customers. The same is true for self-employed people - for example, Danes who work with their own sole proprietorship and who offer services or unique products.

Here we really see that a website starts to function as a business card.

As an independent, you should always have an impressive website with a personal imprint. And of course with clear contact information, so that customers can easily get hold of you.

As a self-employed, it really means a lot that you promote yourself well. Unlike larger companies, self-employed people rarely have a dedicated marketing budget that can be used to attract visitors. Therefore, it is more about getting things down on the personal level, and here is an attractive website the absolute best means.

A simple website is often enough

If you, as an independent or major business owner, need to set up a completely new website, it rarely needs to be too complicated. It is often fine to have a simple website with very few sub-pages.

The most important thing is that the website is appealing and that it gives a good impression of the company and its services.

If there are too many complications, it pulls the focus away from the essentials. As a homeowner, it is important to ensure that the potential customers get the right things to see.

For this reason, WordPress websites are extremely suitable for ordinary business pages. WordPress is a versatile platform where millions of customizations can be made. New themes are constantly being developed, so it's really just about finding the right design, creating solid content, and making sure all the features are in order. Then you have a website that can easily attract lots of customers - often it is even a clear advantage with simplicity.

Good websites provide more customers

By having a good website you make it easy for the customers. They can easily access your contact information and they can easily read about your services. This means that they are also more likely to become customers.

Just having a website in place is a good start. It provides a landing site for all the people looking for you.

With a little search engine optimization, you can even rank well on a few keywords that relate to the work you do.

Most companies automatically get more customers after they get a professional website set up: But if you really want to boost the number of customers from the web then you should make sure that the website is also good at converting. It's called conversion optimization, and some - but not all - companies should focus on it.

Conversion Optimizer: 5 Quick Tips

For most companies, it is sufficient to have a good website that has a nice design, functions as a business card, and which describes the most common services.

But if you really want to focus on getting your website to download more customers, then it is obvious to look a little closer at conversion optimization. Here are several smart tips and tricks that you can use.

1: Give a good first-hand impression: The website design is most important here, but like drawing pictures that give a clear and positive impression of your business. Also like to have a good and catchy text ready on the landing page.

2: Make One About Us / About Me: It creates security when the visitor can specifically read about you or your business. It increases the likelihood of creating a sale.

3: Unique selling propositions (USPs): Briefly explain why visitors should choose you. Write that you are the best in the industry, best in test, highly rated on Trustpilot, recommended by X, or something completely different: As long as it is true and as long as it is appealing.

4: Clear call-to-action: Make it clear to the visitor how he / she progresses in the process. If you sell a product online, it will be with a large and nice "Add to basket" button. If you sell a service, or if you have a physical business, then it should be a clear contact form, a large number phone number, or a button that says "Request offers".

5: Reponsive Design: A significant percentage of your visitors will come from a mobile platform. Therefore, it is more important than ever with a mobile platform. Otherwise, you risk that visitors just leave the website after a few seconds when using their smartphone or tablet.

Of course, before you (or your web agency) even begin to work on conversion, it is important that the site itself is in place and that everything works as it should.

Should we make your next website?

If you need a brand new website or if you just want to update the old one, please feel free to contact us.

At Web SEO, we have plenty of experience when it comes to web work. We have designed and built several websites - both simple and complex pages. So you can make a website completely according to your needs. At the same time, we ensure that the website not only informs, but actually also converts.

If you are missing a new website, click here!

We like to work with WordPress, but we can also easily use other systems. For example, if the structure is to be made in a more specific way - it depends on your needs.

In addition to creating websites, we also work with SEO, AdWords and other forms of marketing. We can also assist if you simply just need to get more visitors to your website. Call or write if you want to hear more.

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