At Web SEO we offer UI & UX design of the highest quality.

We put extensive effort into our work and ensure you a platform that works really well for your users. We are one of the few agencies in Denmark that have UI & UX design as a cutting-edge expertise. This is a strong reason for choosing us for the job.

UI & UX are often mentioned together, and although they naturally relate to each other, they are still two different concepts.

Did you know that

68% of users leave a website due to poor UX design.

User Interface (UI)

"UI" is English for user interface. In Danish we translate this into a user interface, and the focus is to design a user interface that is appealing to the user. It is the graphic part of a website or an application.

It requires technical and graphic ingenuity, but also requires a good insight into how users view a platform. And how the user interface looks as attractive and captivating as possible.

User Experience (UX)

“UX” covers user experience, which in Danish is the user experience. Here it is about optimizing the platform so that users can easily navigate around and arrive at the essential parts.

It typically requires a combination of experience, analysis and optimization. The UX can be seen as an extension of the UI, as the user experience depends on how well the interface is designed.

Toke Bohl
Toke Bohl


We make user-friendly solutions that make sense.


We create stylish UX & UI designs according to your requirements and wishes.


We are very punctual and structured when we make designs.

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