May 2, 2019

The importance of quality content

There is no doubt that good content sells better than mediocre content. This is especially true on the Internet, where there is plenty of content, but where the content does not always answer what the users are actually looking for.

If you start to focus on quality content, it will clearly be felt. Most internet users are looking for a clear solution to their query - and if you can give them what they're looking for, it's a really good step forward.

Quality content sells better

Quality content should be a focal point for all websites. The better the content, the more chances you have of awakening the interest of your visitors.

For those of you who run a webshop, you should of course have the product in focus - preferably in the form of good pictures and perhaps also video.

It can sell very well in itself, but if you also have a product text that is really in place, then you will always increase the sales opportunities a little extra.

The example can also be used on blogs and info pages, where quality content is also extremely important. If you have an article that really goes down in a case and if you explain your perspective clearly and clearly, then it is probably a piece of content that users like. It can easily make a page more popular and lead to greater interest among visitors.

Conversely - if you just have a game of mediocre content that is really just a gossip for a gossip, without any real point - then you probably should not expect the great activity among the visitors if you cannot deliver what they originally thought after. It is quite obvious when there is thought and creativity in the content.

If you are a trader with a physical business and do not really make your sales online, but still have a website to attract visitors: Then you will also experience good effects by getting quality content instead of just a quick text. You can promote your services quite effectively by having a nice website with good content. If you manage to describe your services and your business in a positive way, then there are good chances that the interested readers will prefer to get past your business instead of the competitors.

SEO optimized texts provide more visitors

One thing is that the content must be good and that it must capture the interest of the visitors. But what about the search engines? They are also important to keep in mind when it comes to making relevant content.

There is quite a good chance that a solid percentage of your visitors will come from the search engines.

That's why it's about making content that the search engines also like.

Some years ago it was so easy to just write a long article and mention its keywords a sea of times - and that was usually enough for the search engines to see the content positively. But it's been a long time ago, and today SEO texts should be written in a slightly different way.

Today it's more about relevance.

It's about writing texts that not only spam a lot of keywords and who deliberately try to manipulate - instead, it's about making content with care, which covers a topic to perfection. Maybe you have a subpage on your website that is about powerbanks for the mobile. Here you want a companion text to the product range so you can rank better in Google. In that case, you can tell about overall powerbanks, and also get into many related keywords - for example words like "power", "capacity", "charging", "charging time", "cable" and "smartphone".

Here you want a companion text to the product range so you can rank better in Google. In that case, you can tell about overall powerbanks, and also get into many related keywords - for example words like "power", "capacity", "charging", "charging time", "cable" and "smartphone".

It testifies that you cover the subject well and that you have a lot to tell about. Avoid keyword spam, but naturally mention a lot of things that relate to the overall topic.

Rather make a text that is too long than too short - long content generally ranks better in Google. But of course it must be that the content is actually relevant and not just fill.

In connection with link building it is also always positive when you get a link from a page that itself has good content. It increases the value of the link in Google's eyes. When you order links here at Web SEO, your inbound links are always equipped with good and relevant articles.

Unique content captures attention

Let's go back to the user perspective. Because when the search engines say good to your text and acknowledge with a high ranking, more visitors will also come by.

Make sure your content is slightly different. Do it a little bit special. Stick to the most important, but add knowledge or elements that your competitors do not have on their pages.

Here it is important to remember that text content complements images and videos. Clean text can easily stand alone, but it is always best to include several good elements - of course, without it becoming overwhelming.

This is also the reason why most successful webshops are built quite simply. Often they only have a single big picture, but with the option of clicking on smaller pictures / videos and getting them forward instead. It is supplemented by a text that often has a clear focus on selling and informing. It is a strategy that works - a good picture to capture attention, and then a good text that maintains interest. This strategy is not only good for webshops, but for all types of websites. A simple but very well-functioning plan.

How to make targeted texts

Here you finally get an overall recipe for making good and targeted texts:

  • 1: Get the user's interest right away.
  • 2: Stick to the interest with relevant content.
  • 3: Focus on selling when interest is well established.
  • 4: Make a long and in-depth text so the search engines favor your page.
  • 5: Keep in mind that texts are not the only element - like to include several things.

Instead of doing the job yourself, you can of course just outsource it. For example, to a web agency that specializes in creating good content.

In this way you are ensured a solid solution where you yourself avoid the hassle.


Quality content is important. Good content increases your chances of selling, and if the content is optimized slightly for Google, then it really begins to feel.

Make some content that visitors can use for something. Even if you do not end up with a sale, the information on your site may be so relevant that the user shares or links to your content. It's equal to indirect value - even if you might have to miss a sale.

At Web SEO, we make quality content when we optimize your website. And we do the same when we make link building.

It is an excellent argument for contacting us. Finally, look for a job that we can assist with.

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