April 13, 2019

Should All Businesses Consider SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the absolute best ways to get more customers.

Any website that has not previously been optimized to rank well in Google will usually see a large increase in the number of visitors when it is suddenly optimized and gets some strong backlinks.

However, it is difficult to work with SEO without having a good deal of basic knowledge first. Therefore, most companies choose to buy outside help. It requires an investment that is sometimes quite large, so it is important that you first consider whether SEO is a wise investment for your business.

Who needs SEO?

For internet-based companies, it is necessary to control SEO. There is no way out: it is the best long-term solution in online marketing. Compared to PPC you will experience a lower average price per. visitor.

Any company that sells products online should therefore work actively on their rankings in Google - or at least outsource the work to a competent web agency that can take care of it.

For physical companies, it depends entirely on how you manage the business and whether you need a lot of new customers at all. If you have a website and use it actively, then it should also be optimized for Google.

For most physical companies, a bit of SEO will be beneficial, but rarely to the same extent as an internet-based business that actually sells online.

But it is clear that if you rank as number one in Google at "hairdresser in Copenhagen", "auto mechanic in Aalborg", or something completely different related to your industry and city, then this is an important plus and it will Increase the chance of more customers and more attention. Even if you do not actually sell anything online but only have a company page.

We immediately believe that at least 80% of all Danish companies can benefit from an investment in SEO. More and more businesses are today internet based, and here SEO is obvious. Even for physical stores that do not sell online, it makes good sense to get the website optimized so that interesting customers can easily find you.

Organic search results are often the best way for more visitors

There is huge potential in leveraging Google's search queries. It can be a way for thousands of new visitors, and in fact, it is also the primary source of visitors for most active websites.

When you get a good ranking in Google, there is usually a reason why you get that location. This is probably because your site is the best (or at least the best optimized page) within that keyword.

It also means that you will probably rank well in Google for a while. You can expect long-term results with SEO as it is organic visitors you download with this method.

Once a good piece of SEO work is done, the results will be felt long after. Paid ads work at least as well to retrieve customers - but it is a more short-term strategy, and when you stop paying, customers also stop coming. SEO gives visitors again, over and over again: If you manage to take great positions in the search results, there will also be a wide flow of customers. And that's exactly what is so appealing about search engine optimization!

Webshops should have a broad approach

If you run a webshop, you probably focus on selling products across the country - maybe even in several countries. Therefore, the SEO approach should also be broad. Here it is smart to optimize on product names and categories. Here it is best to think big rather than small.

Webshops and stores with digital services should always consider SEO. There are very few exceptions, because SEO will always make a nice difference when you sell online.

But it is important that you also know about your customer base. If you primarily sell services to other companies, then paid advertising can easily work better than SEO. For businesses that focus on B2B, it is often best with a combination of SEO and Google Ads.

Local SEO for local businesses

It is a little different for local, physical companies. Here it is about being found so that customers actually get past the business, and you do this using local SEO.

Local SEO requires much of the same as general SEO (including internal optimization of the page, as well as link building). However, there will be a focus on keywords that are more local and that will often include the city name. Setting up Google My Business is also always a good idea here.

However, there will be a focus on keywords that are more local and that will often include the city name. Setting up Google My Business is also always a good idea here.

Many local physical companies should consider SEO, but there may always be exceptions. Consider yourself if you want to invest in more visitors from the web. For some it makes sense, and for others it does not. You are welcome to contact us and hear about the SEO potential of your company.

You should have that in place before you buy SEO help

Before you buy SEO, it is important that you have a well-functioning website in place. If you have a webshop or sell services on the web, make sure everything is clear and that the page is actually attractive to the users who land with you.

If you have an information website that tells about your services and about your business, make sure it's easy for the user to make contact, it's easy to see your company information, and that you create a good impression from the start.

SEO is only effective when you already have a good and usable website. It is very possible that you can attract more visitors by using SEO, but these visitors only mean something if they actually convert. So make sure your platform is in place.

Contact us if you need SEO assistance

We are experts in SEO and have spent countless hours in it - both on our own websites and with a host of customers.

If you lack assistance with search engine optimization, finally look. We work with SEO from all angles and optimize internally as well as externally. Linkbuilding is our core competency and here we stand out from most other web agencies. We are ready to work with new customers - whether your business is physical or internet-based - finally, look for professional SEO help.

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