May 2, 2019

SEO Web agency in Odense, Denmark

Our name immediately reveals what we work most with.

At Web SEO, we work with search engine optimization and help several companies reach good placings on Google. We are a web agency based in Odense, Denmark

Since SEO is an online solution, we can easily do work for business in the rest of the country or the whole world. We have solid competencies within internal optimization and can also offer external SEO in the form of linkbuilding.

You are therefore welcome to contact us if you need help with SEO.

To tell a little more about what we actually do as a web agency in Odense, and what you can get out of our services, you can read with below.

How your business can benefit from SEO

Search engine optimization can make a huge difference.

SEO is one of the best ways to get more visitors, and once you've got the good rankings in Google, you usually keep them long after.

It is most websites that can benefit from SEO. From webshops to physical stores, as well as businesses that focus on services.

If the SEO work is well done, it almost always gives more visitors from the web - and if you are able to turn these visitors into customers yourself, then there is a profit.

All internet-based companies (eg webshops and websites with services) should make an effort in SEO. Physical companies can also benefit from SEO, so if you want to increase your visibility online, it is one of the best strategies you can use.

Basically, you should go for the first page of Google when it comes to your most important keywords. If you can get in the top 3, it really starts to give results.

Of course, it varies from keyword to keyword - some are harder to rank well than others. You should always make an effort to rank the number one on your own company name. In addition, you can select a handful of other keywords that need special focus.

Good search engine optimization often results in your site ranking better across many keywords - not just the ones you focus on, but also many others that passively follow through.

When we work with SEO, we have a clear focus on Google, as it is the search engine that most Danes use. But when a website is well-optimized, it will usually also get better rankings in other search engines - for example Bing, which can also be a source of customers.

Internal optimization that works

We have lots of experience with internal search engine optimization, which means a lot if you want to reach the top of the searches. This is one of the first things we look into if you hire us to work on your side. Internal SEO is the basis for the external optimization that we begin later on.

When we work with internal search engine optimization, we will look more closely at your website's speed, which is an important factor. We will also look at the page structure, and optimize each of your subpages according to relevant keywords.

Next, work has been done on internal link building, which is also always relevant. If you need new content on the page - for example, to attract more visitors through new keywords - we also offer copywriting. That way, you can get an SEO optimized text that can potentially get even more customers for.

But it's just some of many adjustments that we can make if you need it. The point itself is that we make internal optimization that works - you get no standard solution, but a customized solution that is well suited to your company's needs.

We also make backlinks

External search engine optimization consists primarily of making backlinks: Here the goal is to get other pages to link back to yours. This is often difficult, and that is why there are not many business owners who manage it themselves. In fact, only a few professional agencies actually master this discipline.

But nevertheless, backlinks are one of the main services here at Web SEO. We are one of the few SEO agencies that has just as much focus on link building as on internal optimization.

And it creates the right combination that often causes your website to rank over the competitors in Google.

We have access to a large number of websites with good metrics that we can link from. In addition, we know of other techniques that will also be put to use if you need well-executed link building.

Consider complementary web services

For many companies, SEO will be the best way for more customers, and therefore SEO is usually the kind of promotion that is most focused on.

But besides SEO, you can also consider other forms of online marketing. For example, at Web SEO, we also work with Google Ads (AdWords), where we optimize your paid ads. This service should be considered if you primarily work with B2B and if you want relevant customers here and now. You can easily get Google Ads and SEO at the same time - so you get visitors from the paid advertising while your rankings are slowly improving. SEO is a long-term strategy, where it can easily take a while before the page lives up to its potential. Therefore, Google Ads can easily be a fine compliments customer in the beginning.

If you want general improvements to your website or platform, either before or after you get SEO done, we also offer web development and UI / UX design.

We are your web agency in Odense - and the rest of the country

As a web agency in Odense we are always ready to help local businesses in the city. But we can also easily help customers in the rest of the country, as all our services are web-based.

Therefore, you are welcome to contact us if you need help with SEO. We can make a good effort and we can increase your chances of getting the best rankings in Google. So don't hesitate to write or call - this way we can quickly talk about your website and your wishes.

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