July 20, 2019

SEO for webshops

All webshops should put resources ready for search engine optimization. SEO is one of the best ways to draw visitors, and if you also have good products ready in the range, you will probably feel really good effects.

But search engine optimization is not always easy. Especially if you lack experience or don't have enough time. External SEO is a difficult discipline that often requires some outside help. You are welcome to contact us if you feel that you need help with this, but otherwise there will be a handful of free tips for SEO for webshops.

1. Have a quick website

Many webshops charge a little too slowly, and this is a very common problem. We recommend optimizing your site's speed as much as possible as it affects your Google rankings.

How can speed be optimized? For example, using a lightweight theme for the shop, removing heavy files and optimizing cache. It can probably also be important where the webshop is hosted. If you sell your products in Denmark, then there are things that indicate that you should also have been left with a Danish web host, so that the response time is minimized.

2. Make sure the webshop works for your mobile

You should always have a good mobile platform for your webshop. Many people surf the net through on their mobile, and you would rather not miss this user group. Google also emphasizes mobile availability. This is an important factor, and you will come a long way after the market if your web shop does not work for your mobile.

If you use a specially designed design on the website, you must have your developer optimize it all. But if you use a WordPress theme that many webshops do, there will automatically be a mobile version included. Here, some adjustments can be made purely graphically, but otherwise the mobile friendliness should be in place by itself.

3. Use a unique text for each product and category

It's nice if your products show up in Google when users search for them. So every thing you sell - at least the most important ones - should be search engine optimized. It is quite essential when it comes to SEO for webshops.

We recommend that you use a unique text for each product, and indeed for each category. It creates authenticity, and it allows you to describe the products with keywords that Google captures. Moreover, Google is happy with pages with a lot of content, and if you only have a few pictures from the manufacturer and three lines of a product, then you will not be far. You should have a unique description for each product - even 100-200 unique words make a difference. It is not necessary to write it all yourself. For example, you can outsource the task to a copywriter. Furthermore, it is smart with unique images that differ from the usual product images.

4. Make good titles and meta descriptions

Besides a text, you should also make titles and meta descriptions for your products. A few short lines that quickly tell a little about the product.

It is the title and meta description that appears in Google. Mention the most important keywords so that Google can see what it's about. Also make the description interesting so that users get the interest and want to click on your page in the search results.

5. Get started with link building

When you have control of all the internal (which you may already have!), Move on to the external. Here it is about link building, ie about making links to your site from other pages.

As a webshop you can do it in several different ways. You can purchase sponsored content from other websites and blogs. Guest posts on other websites are also an option. You can even have a blog up on your webshop, write interesting content and hope that others automatically link to it. Press releases can be the way forward if your shop really has something interesting to offer. One last and probably more effective solution is to hire a web agency to help with SEO.

Contact Web SEO and let us assist you

We have plenty of experience with search engine optimization. Web SEO helps both small and large customers, and of course we also offer SEO for webshops.

First of all, we hope that you have got some inspiration from reading this article - but if you lack specific help for SEO, do not hesitate to write to us. If so, we can quickly start looking at your website and get closer to the best Google rankings.

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