July 19, 2019

SEO for affiliate sites

SEO can be difficult to perform for affiliate sites, as the content of the typical affiliate site will usually not attract many natural links. Therefore, it is necessary to do the hard work yourself - or outsource the task.

However, you will come a long way with good internal SEO, and if it succeeds in downloading a handful of quality links, then it is not impossible to take high rankings in Google.

Here are some quick tips on how to make effective SEO yourself for your affiliate site. You are of course also welcome to contact us if you have a larger affiliate project and would like to receive professional help for the optimization.

Unique content and good texts

It is important that you have some unique content that is not just the same as what you can read elsewhere. Describe a product from some other angles and add some information that the seller might have overlooked.

You get quite far with good texts. The longer the text you have, the better they will probably rank in the search engines as well. Studies have shown that texts about 2,000 words rank best in Google. Perhaps it is a tooth in the upper edge for most affiliate sites, but 400 strong words are always better than 100 plain words. In fact, it makes a huge difference.

Bring useful information - not just sales texts

Sales texts are important, and of course you should encourage the reader to buy. But that is not the only thing - you should also include some information that informs and highlights the products within your niche.

A good recipe is that you start with a few lines that really catch the attention and which gives the user the desire to buy. Next, you can use the majority of your text to inform - and eventually you can again call to buy. It works quite effectively when it comes to affiliate sites. Especially when you, for example, report a product or service.

Keep track of all the practicalities

By 'all the practical' we mean all the typical internal factors that usually help ensure good rankings:

  • Check the speed of your site. If it's too slow, consider changing themes, removing the heaviest media, or finding a new web host.
  • Make sure the design is in order. Not too many complications. Moreover, it is positive if users stay longer on the page as it sends a good signal to Google.
  • Internal link building. Focus on your main content and let your small sub-pages link to your most significant subpages and landing pages.

Guest posts are a good way to several links

Rarely links itself when it comes to affiliate sites. Therefore, you probably have to build them yourself - at least if you want a link profile with a good strength.

Something that many affiliate projects have in common is that the budget is often low. At least in the beginning. This means that it is a good idea to use low-cost methods to obtain links. Guest posts are a good idea. Find some pages in your niche that allow free guest posts and contact them about the options. It is a strategy that many successful affiliate marketers have used.

Also consider other link options

Guest posts are one method, but it is certainly not the only one.

Blog networks, reachout, and link purchases are some other interesting methods. Depending on your budget and your time spent, you may also consider some of these. For example, read our article on the best strategies for link building. Many of them are also relevant when it comes to affiliate sites.

We can help with serious affiliate projects

Web SEO can help you make search engine optimization for your affiliate site. So, if you have a serious project that you are willing to invest in, you should definitely get hold of us.

We can both take a look at the internal optimization, we can deliver good SEO-optimized texts, and we can also perform link building, which is often a difficult discipline if. affiliatesider. Contact us if you want to hear more!

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