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Linkbuilding is used by almost all online businesses

Linkbuilding is one of the most important disciplines in search engine optimization. Many perceive link building as a synonym for external link building, and that is probably also very close.

Without good links, you will not get very far with your website. Conversely, a handful of quality links can easily have a positive impact on your Google rankings, and it's worth taking advantage of.

If you yourself do not specialize in link building, then it makes sense to outsource the task. This is where Web SEO is ready to help.

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Anchor links are important

And can do a lot of good in the fight for organic traffic.

All websites can benefit from links

Many business owners are considering whether they really need links or not. The answer is relatively simple: If you have a website and you want better rankings in Google, then it is always smart to have a little linkbuilding.

However, it requires that your links are actually good and that they are properly built. It should look natural, and it must be linked from pages that are themselves neat in Google's eyes.

WordPress is an incredibly versatile platform that can be customized in millions of ways.

With bad links you run the risk that search engines can punish you for deliberately trying to manipulate them. Therefore, we recommend that you focus on links with quality and relevance. Here, Web SEO can help you, because it is precisely that we work on with link building.

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How we work with link building

At Web SEO, we have several years of experience with search engine optimization and thus also with building links. During these years, we have tested a number of different strategies through which we help to ensure that our methods are functioning well - today, but also in the future.

First and foremost we have a strong network of pages that can be used if you lack some quality links. Here you will typically get a link that is placed in a good and unique article on a page with good metrics.

We can, however, also carry out link building with other strategies, where we extend beyond our own network and download links from outside.

In addition, we use the market's best tools for link building. It allows you to analyze what your site needs and how you rank relative to your competitors. Ahrefs is one of the tools we often use, but it is far from the only one. We also have access to some specially developed tools that many of the other Danish SEO companies do not possess.

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