June 29, 2020

Google ads - B2B vs B2C

Google Ads is a powerful marketing tool that is complex to use, but when used properly it can really generate growth in your business and capture the right audience of big clients bringing money to the table. 

However, there are many ways in which a Google ads campaign can go wrong and make you lose a lot of money, which is why these kinds of advertisements have a reputation for being expensive.

It is important to understand that B2B requires a completely different approach than B2C marketing.

Unlike B2C brands, you mostly try to trade with people who know what they're doing and who understand how a company works, making it more difficult to impress them than people in the B2C market. 

Google Ads is made with B2C tanks

The idea when Google was created was actually to connect business with the end customer searching for the product, but now that there is a lot of different digital media, social media is often best B2C.

More and more companies are now using Google to find partners and services, so quietly Google has actually become an incredibly strong B2B media as well, in my estimation, Google is the strongest B2B marketing channel.

Conclusions and Final Considerations

1: Always keep in mind that B2B and B2C are completely different things and as such the approach may not be the same.

2: Audience segmentation is everything when it comes to Google ads for B2B.

3: Run your Google Ads campaigns in small installments and don't go crazy with your budget right away.

4: It's not about how many people see your ads or click on them, but about how many actually convert to contact through contact forums or purchasing your services or product.

5: Measure every aspect of your campaign with an analytics tool.

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