seo odense
February 10, 2020

Why is website development so important?

There has been an evolution in the way we communicate with each other due to the internet and social media, it has also changed the business world. Website development is now important to you as a business person. In order for your business to reach a larger audience, your voice needs to be heard, your brand needs to be seen and your goals […]

seo odense
September 17, 2019

The ultimate SEO guide

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for all websites. If you have ambitions to rank high in Google, you should work actively to optimize your site. Here's the ultimate SEO guide: We provide you with unique SEO tips that are relevant to both beginners and experienced marketers. Table of Contents Introduction to SEOSEO on your […]

seo odense
August 14, 2019

SEO terms and facts

If you are new to search engine optimization, there are many terms that are good to learn from the start. Here you get an overview of the most important. Also included is a brief description of each term, so here you can learn some extra facts about SEO. Table of Contents Main SEO termsAlt tags: Anchor text: Black hat: Broken link: Crawler: Disavow: Duplicate content: Gray […]

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