July 17, 2019

Best strategies for link building

Linkbuilding is one of the most important SEO disciplines. Therefore, there are also a number of different methods that you can use when you want to get more links.

Here we mention some of the best strategies for link building, so you get a little inspiration for the methods that many of your competitors probably use. We recommend that you not only stick to one strategy, but choose a handful of ideas below to create a varied link profile.

1. Guest posts

Guest posts / guest articles have been popular for some years now. It's an effective way to create a backlink, and if you deliver a good guest post, the method benefits both parties. Google has sometimes commented negatively on guest posts, but in most cases the method still works. If a guest post brings value and is not only present because of the link, then it works tremendously well.

Today it is a little harder to be allowed to publish free guest posts, as many pages require payment for it, but it is still possible in some places. In addition, there is never anything to inquire about. Guest posts are especially obvious if you want good links, but do not have a huge budget. However, large projects also make use of the method, so it actually works for most people!

2. Infographics and statistical content

Infographics still work when it comes to building links. In fact, it is a surprisingly good strategy for link building.

Do you know much about your industry? Then share your knowledge in the form of relevant statistical content. Studies show that other webmasters like to link to good sources and that statistical content draws links to them. With an infographics you can graphically convey your knowledge. By offering your infographics to other sites, there will often be some webmasters who are interested in using your infographics in exchange for a link.

3. Reachouts

Do you have any good content that deserves more links? Then you can always turn to other pages and simply ask for a link. In many cases you will probably be met with a "no thank you", but if you can get a link just one in ten times, then it is still hugely positive.

Search for relevant info pages in your industry and write to them. Tell them that you have some good content and that they would like to link to it if they feel it is relevant to share with their readers.

4. Link exchange with your network

If you work with online marketing and run one or more websites, you probably also know some others who also run websites.

Link exchange can be relevant here. As long as it is done wisely, it can have really nice effects. Therefore, it is always a good idea to ask people in your network whether they are willing to link to you if you also link to them. It is of course an advantage if you both have several different sides, so that a little variance can be created.

One of the easiest and best link building methods, if only you have a network!

5. Blog networks and own pages

You can also build your own network of pages. For example, by buying expired domains that already have inbound links and which can bring some value further.

By having a network of pages you can link to your main pages and bring value to them. It is a relatively inexpensive strategy, but it can be time consuming to keep a network of pages running and requires experience to keep the quality up on the pages.

6. Find the competitors' links and compare them

Many SEO experts use tools to see the competitors' links. One of the best examples is Ahrefs. Here you get access to your competitors' link profiles, and by knowing them, you can even try to emulate them and get the same links. A popular strategy is to create better content and then approach the pages that link to your competitors and suggest that they should also link to you.

7. Link purchases and sponsored articles

Buying links has become popular: For example, in the form of sponsored articles in well-known media. It's a strategy that Google really isn't crazy about, yet it has proven to work. Therefore, we also do not notice that this is one of the best strategies for link building here and now.

The advantage is that it's easy and everyone can do it - if only you have a big budget. The prices of links can be high and it is money that speaks here. Contact pages that would like to offer links and hear what it costs. Gives the price meaning, then grab the link and see what effect it gets.

8. Hire an SEO agency

Do you think link building is a bit difficult and time consuming? Then you can just opt out of all the above methods and hire an SEO agency to take care of the whole process.

With Web SEO We use several methods - both of which are mentioned here, and a little more. We have both our own network of pages, while we can also provide links from outside. If you want to outsource your efforts within linkbuilding, then we are ready to help: Contact us if you are interested!

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